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Saying sayonara to the dvr-ah (I had to make it rhyme)

It would have been really easy to title this one "cutting the cord" but that is what everyone else does so I went with "Saying sayonara to the dvr-ah" and I apologize to everyone for my continuing destruction of grammar and language.

Many, many years ago, we lived in an apartment and it was there that I encountered the first cable cord-cutter that I ever met. I heard the couple upstairs arguing and then someone bounding down the steps. Next, I could hear some weird noise outside our window and it was there that I saw who I presume was the husband with a big butcher knife physically cutting the cord that ran up the wall of the building and into his apartment. Maybe his favorite team had lost. Maybe he was sick of his significant other watching Guiding Light.

Now it is twenty years later and I have finally cut the cord also although I was far less dramatic about it. I called the cable company Monday and pulled a Frozen (Let It Go!) and ended our television and teleph…

Another YouTube channel I watch

Here's another channel I've been watching on YouTube lately: Ambuchannel 112.

It popped up as a recommended channel on the page of the RailCam I have been watching some. I guess this is because both are in the same country?

I find it quite fascinating, much better than what is on television. Who needs to watch medical shows when you can ride along on real rescues? These videos are also great for teaching us how we should react when an emergency vehicle needs to get by us.

Goofing with my Sony DSC-W800 camera

I was assembling yet another load of stuff to take to the help center thrift store this week when I came upon my Sony DSC-W800 camera. It's my last digital camera meaning I doubt I will ever buy another one since my iPhone does everything I need camera-wise. In fact, I never use the Sony camera. It's been thrown in a tote for about a year.

I got it cheap at an outlet store with the idea that I would use it some instead of using my phone. That plan never worked out because this camera is sort of quirky. It's not easy to get in-focus pictures and the photos don't look as good as my iPhone photos. Also, the 720p video function doesn't look that great either and will only record in 12 minute chunks. How silly.

However, I decided at the last minute that I would not chuck it in the thrift store box. Instead I would treat it as a creative toy of sorts and goof around with it a bit. So, I keep it in the home office right by my desk so it is ready when inspiration hits. I h…

Watching the trains go by

This is my new favorite livestream to watch on YouTube.

It's calming, peaceful, enlightening to watch the traffic and the trains go by.

There are also lots of people on bicycles. This reminds me of how I wish now that I had bought a house in town with the specific feature of being within walking distance to the library (and also a restaurant or two would be nice but primarily the library) instead of being out of town a bit where there is no ability to walk anywhere and I would be in fear of my life if I drove a bicycle out of my neighborhood and up on the main highway.

P.S. YouTube livestreams can only run so long and then they have to be restarted as a new video so the channel is here if you see this far off in the future and the embedded video is no longer live.

I hold the bags

I have appointed myself a very specific role whenever my family shops at the outlet mall. I bring my book or Paperwhite, find a comfortable bench and am the designated bag holder.

This keeps me from making stupid purchases. If I don't see it, I don't need it and I know in my head that I have everything I could possibly need. It's my eyes that get in the way of this knowledge. I walk into a store and see something on clearance and my eyes and mind have sort of a meeting in which my eyes convince my mind that this is a really great deal and who doesn't need another shirt, bag, pair of pants, pair of socks, etc.? Then there is the real kicker that my mind delivers, "It's on the clearance rack! BARGAIN!"

It's this way of thinking last summer that had me buy a shirt on a trip to the mall with my daughters only to get home and discover the exact same shirt hanging in the closet. What can I say - I must really like that shirt.

Along with my "don't ent…

There is so much to do

I had to force myself to sit down at the kitchen table just now. It is quiet at work for a moment and  I have my cup of coffee that is still hot and a few emails to look at plus a book I am about halfway through.

However, I am having a hard time concentrating on doing any of this because my mind keeps being invaded by all of the tasks on my to do list and with the tasks that aren't on there but surround me like floors that desperately need to be swept and mopped. I think of these and convince myself it is now or never. If I don't mop right this second while there is time to mop, other things will happen and the floor will stay dirty. Oh, the humanity!

My problem is my desire to "get it all done" and I try to convince myself that "my time" will come after all of the tasks are checked off and the chairs are put back at the table once the floor is dry. My time to create, concentrate, meditate, read, learn or do nothing is the carrot I dangle out in front of m…

We must be the positivity that we seek

After a Twitter conversation this weekend with Heavy D and similar conversations with others over the past weeks and months and years (I've been complaining about this for a while, apparently), I had a tiny breakthrough about my ongoing angsty relationship with social media.

I have a like/hate relationship with social media. I'm typically an early adopter so I've tried all sorts of social media networks multiple times looking for the "right" network (for example, my active but pretty much abandoned Ello account) with the "right" network being a utopia, a fantasy world, a future Disney production that has zero negativity, zero complaining, and zero TMI.

This network does not nor will it ever exist. If it did, hardly anyone would sign up. People love their negativity, complaining and TMI and so do advertisers.

The simple realization I had (and this has been a long time coming) is we must be the positivity that we seek. We must be like the salmon of social…