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Mission: McRib

I hadn’t made a dumb video in a while – until today. I’m just waiting for Herb Alpert to sue.

Leslie Nielsen

It seems like Leslie Nielsen made me laugh at the movies all through my childhood and early adulthood. He had a string of comedy classics relatively late in life after many years as a dramatic actor. He’ll be missed.


I avoided Black Friday completely this year. I did not get up early and go to the stores and I did not venture into them later in the day looking for left over specials. It turns out that it didn’t matter since there were still plenty of Black Friday priced items in the stores today when we went out. It was actually a bit surprising when we found that Target still had quite a few of the items from the ad were still available. We did pretty well at Target. I can’t go into detail about what was purchased since there are sneaky kids that can read this. Walmart also had a lot of the specials still out on the sales floor – GPS units for $79, Blu-Ray players for $69, clothes, toys, etc. This can be looked at two ways – maybe the sales weren’t as big a deal this year since everything has been on sale for the last three weeks or maybe the stores stocked extra merchandise in the back and brought it out for the Saturday shoppers. Also, in years when I went out early and shopped, Walmart would s…


What a week. We started out at the historic Ryman Auditorium for a concert with several big time country stars like Montgomery Gentry and Sawyer Brown. I finally got a good picture of the cool statue inside the Ryman.I ate a saxophone-shaped Chicken Tender.I realized that a baby can do my job and probably do it better than I do. Our replacements are getting younger and younger.Sara got 4th place in her school-wide spelling bee and will compete in the county bee. It’s all about getting the hardware!Oh, and Lindsay tried to catch a frisbee today.Maybe she’ll catch it next year.There is so much to be thankful. Sure, there are bumps in the road but the blessings far outnumber the bumps.

I dedicate this house to the Griswold family Christmas

Each year I have held firm to not start on the Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving and that has meant working in some pretty cold weather. This year we have had a run of 70 degree weather leading up to Thanksgiving and the forecast starting Friday is for highs in the 40’s. Needless to say, I smartened up and put up the lights early.Sure, it’s not full on Griswold but I am just old enough to realize that going up on the roof is not a leisure activity. I was outside putting Santa up at 10:15 PM last night and it was worth it. I got all of this done before the rain started this morning.The bear is back for his 14th Christmas appearance!And the tree went up tonight. I have a whole section of pre-lit lights that are now burnt out so this might be the last year for the General Electric artificial tree. Seinfeld seems to like the tree so I guess we are good.I have stupidly stayed up until 11:30PM and I have to work tomorrow starting at 6AM. I see a lot of coffee in my futu…

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Another weekend filled with football and just being lazy is almost over. As with all types of news, football news can be divided into… the good,the bad,and the ugly!And the weather is also about to take a bad turn here as we are looking at 4 pretty wet days to ruin our nice warm weather and, as it usually does around here, it will end with our first chance of snow by the end of the week.In just 9 hours and 20 minutes, I’ll be back in front of the PC working. I guess that means it is time for sleep.

Lazier Saturday

Lindsay got an early birthday present today. This happened because I was afraid the bike she wanted would be sold out once the insanity of Black Friday hits this week. Here she is  getting ready to take off across the Walmart.We did much less today. I wasted way too much time goofing on the computer. The kids zoned out in front of the TV. We gave up on cooking and went to the Waffle House for supper.I did catch up on Conan this morning and watched this odd and awkward appearance by Harrison Ford. I really don’t know if he was hopped up on something or is just a rear end. You be the judge.Russell Brand was on the following night and was much more entertaining.In blog news, I am experimenting with adding actual pages to the blog so I set up a “tab” for my now extra-large Zune card. Check out the music I listen to and be amazed at the unhealthy amount of 70’s music I listen to.

My crazy busy day off

You know you are doing too much on your day off when you look forward to being back at work so you can have a break.The day started with an oil change and a recall fix (!) at the Ford Dealership. Then, there was a super unhealthy breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. We visited the CVS drug store to check out the Christmas stuff and kill time until the thrift store opened since the trunk was once again full of stuff for them and then we discovered that they now open an hour later. We got home just in time for the dealership to call and say they were done so we drove back over there to pick up the car. Now I was solo and went to fill the Contour up with gas and then came home to clean up the vacuum and carpet cleaner that we will be giving to the thrift store since they have been replaced with newer and nicer models.So, it’s barely 11AM at this point and we drive to the Olive Garden (16 miles driven) for lunch. I noticed that they have the tallest hedges I have ever seen and I know I must get th…

Another short week

One advantage of being too busy to take vacation most of the year is having to take vacation at the end of the year before you lose it. Thanks to that I have another three day weekend.Today was all about getting ahead to finish up the week so I don’t end up being buried on Monday. Even better is knowing that next week is an even shorter week. I won’t have to run my Canada stuff on Thanksgiving morning even though they are working while we are not. That is a relief. This is one of the few times where our holidays don’t line up.Speaking of holidays, after The Big Bang Theory I turned the channel to ABC just in time to see Woodstock eating one of his fellow birds. I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special for years and never noticed the Woodstock’s horrible act of cannibalism until just last year!He sure looks happy!On my day off tomorrow, I have to take the car in for an oil change and a recall fix (!) at 7:30AM. Then, I get to fight the crowd at the stores and try to knock out a…


Wednesday was all about work. And, going to the grocery store at “lunch”.I worked at this store in high school. As I walked out, I saw my supervisor behind the customer service desk. That’s at least 20 years at the Kroger. That’s a lot of broken jars cleaned up.The rain let up for at least today and we have another warm streak on the way. It will be up near 70 this weekend and the pressure is on to start putting up the Christmas lights. I typically prefer to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving but there are multiple houses in our neighborhood that have already put everything up. It’s crazy. I guess people really want to extend the Christmas spirit this year.I am off Friday (again!). I’m hoping nothing too big breaks tomorrow. Whatever happens Friday will happen with my phone off!

On every page, every magazine

I thought I was back in the early nineties when I got behind this car a few days ago.Can you see it? Get ready to rock out in your Saturn!(Disclaimer – Yes, I do own Pyromania – on vinyl – that I bought in 1983. Would I put a Def Leppard sticker on my car? No. I can embarrass the kids enough just by driving up to the McDonalds drive through with ‘Hysteria’ jacked up way too loud.)At work, I cleaned up some of the wiring at the new building.The goobs in there before us had cut all of the wires and left them hanging from the ceiling. I can’t stand that. I ended up having to redo all of the ends into this fancy-schmancy $20 patch panel I got at Home Depot. I still have more to do but I am not straightening up anything else until I am 100% confident that everything is working like it should. I have found out over the years that Orson Welles was right when he said “You should never zip tie before it’s time”.Well, he said something close to that. I have another short week as I am trying to u…

The Friday Roundup

I keep meaning to write about how my neighbor believes that our neighborhood is haunted by ghosts and that our homes are built on a slave cemetery. I guess we now know the true reason why she has her house up for sale. I also now know why my pots and pans keep flying around the house and I keep hearing someone whispering “get out” in the middle of the night. If I get any definite proof of a haunting, I will make sure to share it here immediately.Today at the post office the man in front of me in line asked me for a ‘case quarter’. I had no change so it was easy to say no even though I had no idea exactly what he meant. Well, he meant he wanted to give me 2 dimes and a nickel for a real quarter so he could get a paper from the machine out front. A ‘case quarter’ is a whole quarter vs. loose change. Interesting, huh?We had date night tonight which means we sent the kids off with other people while we went out to eat and went to a movie.We had a romantic dinner at the most stylish place …

My new home away from home (office)

I went in to our new building here in the greater Nashville area today and tried to get settled in. I’ll be there a couple of days a week, I think. The drive (42 miles each way) stinks but there is something nice about being out of the house and being around actual human beings (Sorry, Alex the dog). It makes the day go by faster and I have a lot more room for all of my tools, papers and other assorted junk.Don’t you love my 21 inch, 55 pound, 9 year old CRT monitor?Who needs a flat panel when this perfectly awesome and gigantic monitor is just sitting unused on a pallet and facing a quite uncertain future? Also, I think it will generate enough heat to keep me warm on those cold, winter mornings. Take that, Al Gore!

Star Whackers

I think there are two possible explanations for Randy Quaid’s recent actions culminating with his press conference last week:He is losing his mind.We are all being duped by the same people that brought us Joaquin Phoenix’s “I’m Still Here”.After hearing this again today on the Keith and the Girl podcast, I am leaning more and more toward #1 but I am certainly hopeful that this is all one big funny gag. Part two starts right off with a description of the ‘star whackers’, those who have already been ‘whacked’ and those who are presently under the threat of being ‘whacked’ next. So Randy is now hiding out in Canada from the organized crime syndicate out to destroy him. He also announced to Canada that he is ready to get back to work. Canada should be so proud.Maybe that plate in his head is messing with him. Like he told Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, “I don't know if I oughta go sailin' down no hill with nothin' between the ground and my brains but a …

From one holiday to another…

The Halloween stuff is packed up and now Tom Turkey rules the lawn for the next three weeks and 6 days.The friendly autumn scarecrow remains so Tom Turkey doesn’t get lonely.It’s hard to believe that the Christmas tree and Christmas lights will soon be up. I am in no way ready for Christmas and really don’t even want to think about it this soon.Tomorrow is election day and I already early voted so I don’t have to worry about it. I’m glad all of the stupid commercials will be gone soon. Maybe some of the stupid politicians will be gone soon also.