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Cowboys, Aliens, Smurfs, Chrome, and Rain

I am back from the land of no blogging. I’ve been updating my file backups and moving things around on my laptops (work, personal, and netbook) over the past few days so I just haven’t had much time to update. When I did have time, the laptop has been running a backup or copying files. One thing I realize now is that I have taken thousands of digital pictures and many have become duplicated by moving between computers and external hard drives. It is going to take a while to clean up that mess.

Last night was movie night and the kids saw Smurfs while I ended up seeing Cowboys & Aliens. C&A is not my kind of movie. I don’t care for action movies. I like comedies. The last action movie I saw in the theater before last night was probably Independence Day way back in 1996.

Since I don’t care for movie like C&A, it’s probably unfair for me to share my thoughts but I will give it props for having good actors in it who tried to make such a far-fetched story believable. Another probl…

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Cheers was one of my favorite shows. There was rarely a Thursday night between 1982 and 1993 that I didn’t watch it. Since the summer television schedule is pretty empty, I’ve been setting the DVR to catch certain episodes and today I taped the episode in which Shelley Long left the show in 1987. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen this one since then but I sure remembered the ending. Of course, you have to watch the whole thing to get the full story so I’m positing parts 1 and 2 down below.It’s classic 80’s television but to me it’s pretty timeless. I guess since the bar never changes, there is nothing in there to really date it – except for the way Frasier dresses and the way his hair looks. Part one.. Part two..

I read a book by Henry Winkler, take the tv out of the kitchen, and try out Spotify

I couldn’t think of a better title to cover all the things I write about in this entry.*****At the library last week, I picked up Henry Winkler’s I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River.I’ve always been a Henry Winkler fan. He was on Happy Days as I grew up and I loved him in the very under-rated movie, Night Shift. These days he seems to be just about everywhere you look. He’s on Royal Pains on USA and the quite insane Childrens Hospital on Cartoon Network Adult Swim. He is also possibly the friendliest person on Twitter under the user name @hwinkler4real.The book is a fast read because once you start, it’s hard to put it down. He seems like a genuinely good person and is not afraid to share glimpses of the many challenges he has encountered and overcome in his life. Most striking to me was when he wrote quite honestly about his relationship with his parents. He is vulnerable, like many of us are, yet remains incredibly optimistic and driven even when, as he puts it, his career was in “…

Fun with Rupert Murdoch–A Story in Tweets and Pictures

used2bbrilliant 7:25AM Live video from the Commons home affairs committee News of the World questionings - Murdoch in an hour - 7:25AM I love it. The government acts stunned that News Corp took advantage of all of the power that they gave them. They are just as guilty. used2bbrilliant 8:25AM Everyone on this committee sounds snobby and pretentious. I am going to start talking with a British accent so I can be sarcastic 24/7. used2bbrilliant 8:37AM #Murdoch and Son are in place for their committee grilling. What a huge load of too little, too late. used2bbrilliant 8:49AM The real revelation today is that one day James #Murdoch is genetically destined to look like a small frog in a suit. used2bbrilliant 8:57AM Wow. Rupert #Murdoch should have stepped down a while ago. He's either playing dumb or has a 100,000 mile view of the company. used2bbrilliant 8:58AM And, this Tom Watson who keeps grilling #Murdoch is a knob. I'd like to pull out all of his dir…


What is this weird substance falling from the sky and turning to steam as soon as it comes in contact with any object!We didn’t get enough rain to really help but it was an interesting change and may have knocked down a little bit of the dust for a few hours. With the clouds, it didn’t flare up to feeling like it’s 150 degrees after the rain. It will be 99 tomorrow so we might as well enjoy it while we can.*****Just a thought – do these people who follow me on Twitter think that by following me, I will follow them and then they can sell me whichever product they sell? This way of thinking appears to work. Look at this example of the latest unsolicited person that added me:Only 1,650 people didn’t follow him back! I’m proudly part of the 1,650. I’m expecting that whatever marketing firm or unfortunate relative he is using to follow people will give up and unfollow me after a few days. That’s the only way I know of to explain the small “failure” rate unless people are really this gullib…


Instead of attending the $70 a head 20 year class reunion last night, I attended a small get together mini-reunion Friday night that was much cheaper and probably far more enjoyable. Of the people there, I had only seen one of them since graduation. That’s twenty years of life out there to discuss but we spent most of our time passing around our senior year book and trying to remember the names of the teachers that had inspired us or we had conspired against. We learned that just about all of us had gone to Disney World at some point in the last few years. We realized that we all had blank spaces in our memories but between all of us, we could pretty much fill in all of the details of anything we tried to recollect.We also talked about the accidental joys of Facebook – those who overshared in high school are still oversharing now and we all get great enjoyment out of this.The greatest lesson is that no matter what life has thrown at us, we’ve all persevered and we can look back now an…

Just me and the dogs

The fam is out of town so I am here holding down the fort until they return. That has meant a lot of excitement since Wednesday:Vacuumed the houseGot frustrated with the DVR and erased everything I had recorded to watch while I was here alone. Listened to podcasts insteadScrubbed the grillWent through the kitchen cabinetsCleaned some stuff out of the atticCleaned up both kids roomsCleaned up all of the mess in the bathroom closetCleaned out from under all of the bedsFilled up three very heavy trash bagsFilled the trunk with stuff for the thrift storeWatched my normal two crazy dogs with one insane crazy dog guestThey’ve worn each other out today so I am hoping that they will sleep through the night. Last night was up, down, up, down, up, up, down. It was hectic.I guess everyone better get back home before I throw everything away!

Twenty Five Years Ago: The Moody Blues

During this week in 1986, “Your Wildest Dreams” by The Moody Blues peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This has always been one of my favorites. “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” was considered the sequel to “Your Wildest Dreams” when it appeared on their next album. It peaked at #30 in August of 1988. I have this one on cassette single somewhere. Good songs – good memories.

One Hot Trip

We’re back in the comfort of the air conditioned house. We drove up to Kentucky last night and stayed at a hotel so we could get in some pool time. This morning, we drove up to Beech Bend Park and split our time between the water park and the “traditional rides”. This is a promo picture from the website since we did not bring in any camera or cell phones.What we had not planned on was the brutal heat. So far, today was the hottest day of the year up there and down here. Notice the heat index in this snapshot? That’s at 6:53PM!! Still 112 degrees! When we left the park, they said that the heat index was 116. So, after getting completely exhausted, we left 3 hours earlier than we had been planning.So, here are my thoughts on Beech Bend – it’s an A. Some of the rides in the amusement park area were what you might expect to see at a county fair. Some of them, like the Kentucky Rumbler, were huge, custom-built rides you would expect at a place like Opryland (R.I.P.) or Dollywood. Speaking …

Larry Crowne, Google Plus, and… Mowing!

We used our Groupon half price movie tickets on Larry Crowne last night. After seeing the so-so box office results from last weekend and reading several so-so reviews, I went in with low expectations. I’m happy to report that it was much better than I expected. It had funny parts but it also was realistic and brutally so at times. Larry deals with being downsized based on the excuse that his company cannot promote him because he has no college education. Larry also has to deal with overwhelming debt from his divorce and his house ends up going into foreclosure. There are no illusions that he will get his job back or save his house but at the end you get the impression that things are back on track and he is actually happier without all of these things tying him down.A lot of the reviews point out how unrealistic the movie is. Why would a beautiful young co-ed befriend him and make it her mission to transform him into a hipper version of himself just based on the fact that they both ri…

Quiet Thursday

Today has been much better. I have stayed off of the Facebook. I went to the Dentist and kept up my almost 38 year streak of membership in the ‘No Cavities Club’. I was a bit disappointed when the kids got toys and I didn’t so I treated myself to McDonalds. I know – all of that work with the cleaning and I ruin it by getting fast food immediately.There’s the picture of the day. It’s a snapshot from the bookshelf in the hallway. I have had most of those books for twenty years or more. I do most of my reading on the Nook now but I still can’t part with those books even though I rarely even pick them up. I guess I keep thinking that the kids might want to read some Hemingway or Salinger one day.It has been raining here on and off. The thunder and lightning accompanied the rain but none of it lasted long.Tonight, we’ll try to catch up on the DVR a bit. I recorded Flipping Out and Men of a Certain Age last night. Tomorrow night we’re planning to go see Larry Crowne. I’m hoping it is at lea…


I am all holiday-ed out. I never thought about how this weekend lined up for four days of non-stop holiday action until I was trying to keep my eyes open last night while sitting in a hot parking lot watching fireworks. We started with Canada Day on Friday. Saturday is a blur. I can’t remember exactly what we did but I know that the bugs ate me alive.  On Sunday, we ate Chinese for lunch and then grilled out and finished the night with a pyrotechnics display in the driveway. Last night we ended up in that hot driveway after a day of pizza, Target, and general goofing off.Four days of non-stop action and the result is that I have been dragging all day. Work just plain frazzled me. I could barely concentrate as I went through the to-do list. Other holidays are not so cruel - Thanksgiving is just one day of craziness and Christmas only lasts for two days (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). Trust me, we will never have a Boxing Day cookout.In other news, I like to have at least one picture…

Happy Independence Day!

Review these videos before you go out and experiment with pyromania.

Blowing things up

It’s almost time for fireworks. We’re doing them a night early since this is the only time that everyone can be here to watch and wait for the guaranteed accident (the dud that goes crazy, the mortar that gets loaded upside down,etc.). We’ve had displays in the past that ended up looking a lot like this: This weekend is whizzing by like an illegal bottle rocket. I’m trying not to think about how fast 6AM on Tuesday will be here.

Canada Day 2011

What a week! I am glad that this one is over. I had extra Canada work to do this week and it made the week seem twice as long. I won’t go into the boredom that is my job but I have these morning processes for our Canada locations that I run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Well, I had to run it Monday and Friday this week. It’s a fun way to spend three or four hours. Now, I am brain dead, but enough on that. It is the weekend! And, it is Canada Day! That means grilling out and bringing out the big flag.This year, it also meant running out of propane as soon as I put the chicken on the grill so we got to make an emergency propane Walmart run and I was so hungry by the time that the food was ready that I was seriously considering throwing a waffle in the toaster and giving up.So, through the power of my Canada VPN, we are watching the Canada Day concert on the big screen. The royals are there and you might be able to barely see them in this blurry picture.We’re waiting for the firework…